EVS Presentation on “Healthy Food”

  The dynamic young learners of Kaintal School’s class ll showcased their knowledge and creativity in an enlightening EVS presentation centred around the theme of “Healthy Food”. With fervor and enthusiasm, the students eloquently conveyed the significance of making nutritious food choices for a balanced and wholesome lifestyle.

Inter-House English Debate Competition

  In a vibrant showcase of articulate arguments and persuasive prowess, Kaintal School’s talented students from classes IX-X recently engaged in a spirited Inter-House English Debate Competition. The halls echoed the eloquent voices of passionate debaters as they eloquently presented their viewpoints and engaged in intellectual sparring on topics of significance.

Gift-Wrapping Activity

  Kaintal School celebrated the joy of giving and creativity with its lively Gift-wrapping activity for students from classes II-IV. The classrooms transformed into colourful havens as the young learners put their artistic talents to work, using vibrant papers, ribbons, and decorative elements to beautifully wrap their thoughtful gifts.

Inter House English Declamation

  Kaintal School recently witnessed a remarkable display of oratory skills as students from classes VI-VIII participated in an inspiring English Declamation competition. The stage came alive with passionate speeches and impactful performances, as the students confidently delivered their selected pieces with conviction and poise.

Art & Craft Activities

  Kaintal School recently provided a platform for its students from classes V to VIII to display their creativity through the Wall-Hanging activity, while their peers in classes IX to XII showcased their artistic skills in the Magazine Holder project. The school buzzed with excitement as the hallways and classrooms turned into vibrant galleries, adorned […]

Card Making on Mother’s / Grandmothers Day

  The halls of Kaintal School were buzzing with creativity and love as students from Class II to XII came together for a heartwarming card-making session in honour of Mother’s and Grandmother’s Day. The atmosphere was filled with joy and excitement as the young artists poured their hearts into crafting beautiful and personalized cards to […]

Mother’s Day Celebrations

  Kaintal School commemorated Mother’s Day with a heartfelt talk honouring the inspiring legacies of remarkable women as well as mothers. Later the school became a symphony of love and gratitude as students adorned the stage with a mesmerising Music and Dance Performance dedicated to the unparalleled spirit of Mother’s Day.

First Aid Box Making Activity

  Kaintal School encourages practical skills and preparedness with an exciting ‘First Aid Box Making Activity’ for students from Class III to X Students from Class III to X took part in a creative and educational ‘First Aid Box Making Activity,’ fostering a sense of responsibility and equipping them with essential life skills.

Display Board Decoration Competition

  Kaintal School celebrated the remarkable love and unwavering support of mothers with an extraordinary Inter-House Display Board Decoration Competition on Mother’s Day. The campus came alive with colour and creativity as students from all houses showcased their artistic talents to express their deep appreciation for their mothers through stunning display board decorations.

Farewell 2023-24

  Kaintal School’s farewell to the Class XII students of 2023-24 was a poignant blend of joy, nostalgia, and heartfelt farewells. The vibrant event celebrated the graduates’ accomplishments and the bonds within our community. Principal Rajinder Virk commended the students for their resilience and urged them to uphold Kaintal’s values as they step into the […]