11th International Online Abacus Competition

  Kaintal School proudly Honour Kanishka Goyal, a shining star for her remarkable achievement in the prestigious 11th International Online Abacus Competition – Brain o brain fest 2024. Kanishka’s remarkable talent and relentless dedication have placed them at the forefront of abacus mastery, solidifying India’s presence on the global stage. Their victory is a testament […]

India Youth Games 2023

  A proud moment for us at Kaintal School as Krishika Joshi brings home the silver medal at the 6 Khelo India Youth Games 2023 held at Tamil Nadu, Chennai! Krishika’s exceptional talent, hard work, and dedication have shone brightly on the national stage. Her perseverance and passion have paid off, and we are elated […]

Dynamic Principal Award

  We are thrilled to announce that our very own principal, Mrs Rajinder Kaur Virk, has been honored with the prestigious Dynamic Principal Award. Mrs Virk’s exceptional leadership has inspired our entire school community, empowering us to strive for greatness, embrace innovation, and create a nurturing learning environment where every student can thrive. Under her […]

SGFI National Shooting Championship

Kaintal School proudly applauds the outstanding achievement of Krishika Joshi, our talented student from class XII, in the SGFI National Shooting Championship held at Bhopal. We are thrilled to announce that Krishika’s exceptional skills, remarkable consistency, and dedication have earned her a coveted bronze medal in this prestigious national platform. Her meteoric rise in the […]

Swatch Bharat Competition 2023

  We are absolutely thrilled and immensely proud to announce that Kaintal School’s sixteen students have shown their exceptional brilliance in the National Education and Human Resource Development organization’s All India Swatch Bharat Competition 2023 These talented students have not only represented our school with Honour but have also brought home trophies and gold medals, […]

Dynamic Teacher Award

  Celebrating Excellence in Education! Kaintal School’s esteemed teacher, Gurdeep Kaur, who has been Honoured with the esteemed Dynamic Teacher Award. Gurdeep Kaur’s passion, dedication and innovative teaching methods have made a significant impact on the lives of our students. Her commitment to excellence and nurturing the young minds is truly inspiring. Kaintal School takes […]

One-Day Bhangra Dance Competition

  Kaintal School proudly congratulates Divanshi for her spectacular performance at the One-Day Bhangra Dance Competition. Her exceptional talent and dedication shone bright as she secured the well-deserved second prize at the event held at the esteemed Ishmeet Music Institute in Ludhiana. We extend our heartiest gratitude to Everking for sponsoring this electrifying competition, creating […]

Best Teacher Award | FAP

  Celebrating the embodiment of excellence in education, Kaintal School proudly congratulates Ms Rimpledeep Kaur on her remarkable accomplishment! She has been Honoured with the distinguished Best Teacher Award under FAP, a testament to her unwavering dedication, innovative teaching methods and profound impact on the lives of her students. Ms Kaur’s passion for teaching and […]

Best Sports Coach Award

  Kaintal School proudly celebrates the exceptional achievement of our esteemed sports coach, Mr Sarabjit Singh. We are thrilled to announce that he has been awarded the prestigious Best Sports Coach accolade under FAP, recognizing his unmatched expertise, unwavering dedication, and transformative impact on our talented athletes. Mr Singh’s relentless passion for sports, exceptional coaching […]

Participated in Roller Skating Championship

  Kaintal School proudly applauds the remarkable achievement of our talented student, Samrat Sawhney from lll class We are thrilled to announce that Samrat showcased his incredible skills and participated in the thrilling game of Roller Skating at the highly anticipated School Nationals held in Chennai on 15th December 2023. Samrat’s unwavering passion, determination and […]