International Chess Day

  Kaintal School proudly commemorates International Chess Day with an enthralling chess activity showcasing our students’ strategic prowess and sportsmanship. With focused determination and calculated moves, our young chess enthusiasts embraced the spirit of the game, fostering an environment of friendly competition and intellectual growth We applaud our students for their exemplary display of skill, […]

Clay Moulding Activity

  Creativity unfolded at Kaintal School as students from classes VI to XII engaged in a captivating Clay Moulding Activity. With skilful hands and boundless imagination, they crafted various stunning sculptures, each expressing a unique narrative and showcasing the students’ remarkable artistic flair. As they seamlessly translated their visions into tangible forms, they honed their […]

Best out of Waste Activity Class ll to Xl

  A transformative wave of creativity swept through as students from classes II to XII participated in an awe-inspiring ‘Best out of Waste’ activity. Armed with innovation and a passion for sustainability, these budding artists breathed new life into discarded materials, crafting magnificent creations that spoke volumes about their artistic prowess. Through their inventive projects, […]

Slogan Writing and Painting Activity Class VI to XII

  Kaintal School unleashes the power of words and colours as our students from Class VI to XII participate in an invigorating Slogan Writing and Painting Activity focused on the environment. With enthusiasm and thoughtful reflection, our students channel their creativity to convey powerful messages about the urgent need for environmental conservation.  

Inter House Board Decoration Activity

  Kaintal School is abuzz with creativity and environmental consciousness as our students eagerly participate in the Inter House Board Decoration activity centred around the theme of the Environment. Through this initiative, our students have embraced the opportunity to express their deep-seated concern for environmental issues while showcasing their artistic prowess. The school corridors are […]

Picture Description Environment

  Kaintal School’s young and talented students recently participated in an Activity Picture Description event on the theme of ‘Environment.’ From Class ll to Xll, our students enthusiastically portrayed their vision of our planet, showcasing their artistic flair and awareness of environmental conservation.

Welcome Back Students

  Kaintal School warmly opened its doors to welcome back students after a rejuvenating summer break. The campus came alive with the excited chatter of eager learners as the school community resumed its journey of growth, exploration, and academic excellence. Guided by our passionate educators, the ongoing academic term promises to be a journey of […]

International Yoga Day Celebrations

The spirit of tranquillity and holistic well-being reverberated through the corridors of Kaintal School as we joyously celebrated International Yoga Day, embracing the timeless art of yoga as a transformative pathway to physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. Amidst the serene ambience of our school, students and staff alike immersed themselves in the enriching practice of […]

Celebrating Our Teachers’ Commitment to Excellence!

We are thrilled to announce that our dedicated teachers of Classes 3 to 5 have successfully completed the online Teacher Training Programme on Art-Integrated Pedagogy at the Preparatory Stage organized by CISCE on 20th June 2024. This comprehensive training session offered invaluable insights into incorporating art into the curriculum to foster holistic and engaging learning […]

Punjabi Presentation

  Kaintal School organised an enlightening presentation for its Class V students, delving into the beauty of the Punjabi language and showcasing their knowledge about Chandigarh City and trees. The students displayed their linguistic skills and cultural awareness through captivating narratives and visual representations, highlighting the rich heritage of the region and the importance of […]