Healthy Breakfast

  Kaintal School champions a healthy start to the day with a vibrant activity dedicated to promoting nutritious breakfast options. As part of this engaging initiative, each class enthusiastically took on the task of creating their delectable meals. While the younger students in classes ll to lV prepared mouthwatering and filling sandwiches, the students in […]

Solar Eclipse

  Excitement fills the air at Kaintal School as we eagerly await the much-anticipated solar eclipse. Our students were well-informed about this celestial spectacle, sparking a sense of wonder and curiosity within their young minds. Equipped with knowledge and understanding, they witnessed this rare astronomical event.  

Yoga Activity

  Kaintal School embraced the holistic well-being of its students by organizing a rejuvenating yoga activity for students ranging from Class II to XII. The school recognised the importance of physical and mental fitness and curated an enriching session that focused on the practice of yoga, promoting relaxation, mindfulness and harmony.

Intra-Class Debate Activity

  Kaintal School witnessed an enthralling Intra-Class Debate Activity, where students from different classes showcased their analytical abilities and persuasive skills. Students from different classes passionately presented their viewpoints on three thought-provoking topics. The event explored three significant topics, each belonging to specific grade levels.

Display Board Decoration Competition

  With the aim of fostering a culture of moral excellence and creative expression, Kaintal School recently hosted the highly anticipated Inter House Display Board Decoration Competition on Moral Values. Steeped in elegance and sophistication, this event served as a platform for students to showcase their artistic prowess while disseminating powerful messages of integrity, empathy […]

Family Tree Activity

Creating a vibrant and inclusive environment for young learners, Kaintal School organised the captivating Family Tree Activity for students from Class II to V. The classrooms were bustling with the sounds of joy as students delved into the intricacies of their family histories and shared their discoveries with their peers.

Handwriting Competition

Kaintal School recently showcased the exceptional talent and artistry of its students through a spirited Handwriting Competition featuring English, Hindi and Punjabi languages. From the corridors of Class II to the senior grades of Class XII, the campus was alive with the giddy excitement of participants eager to display their impeccable penmanship skills.

Sukhmani Sahib Path and Sehaj Path of a New Academic Session

  In a momentous event signifying the beginning of a new academic session, Kaintal School conducted a serene Sukhmani Sahib Path and Sehaj Path in their newly constructed building. On this auspicious occasion, the school community resonated with spirituality and devotion as students, teachers, and staff joined together for this immersive experience.  

New Academic Session, 2024-25

Kaintal School joyously welcomed the dawn of a new academic session, 2024-25, with open arms. The commencement of this session marked a fresh chapter in the life of the school, filled with endless opportunities for growth, learning, and success. With renewed enthusiasm, the school community came together to embark on a journey of knowledge, exploration, […]

Result Declaration Day

  We are delighted to share the outstanding accomplishments of our brilliant scholars as we joyfully commemorate Kaintal School’s Result Declaration Day for Class II to VIII. This momentous occasion marks the culmination of their hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Result Declaration Day serves as a catalyst for their continued growth, […]