3 Preferred Methods of Easy Communication


Communication is extremely important in everyday life. There are various types of communication methods that students can learn.
Communication skills are one of the most valuable life skills. The development of this particular skill starts right from school. Teachers play a significant role in growing this essential skill in students. If you have excellent communication skills, it will have a great impact on your career. Apart from attaining great achievements, you can also navigate life with ease.
>What is communication?

Communication is basically the act of giving or taking information between two individuals or a group. Even beyond academic life, communication has a significant role. You cannot expect to gain anything ever if you cannot voice out what you want. For that, having strong communication skills is crucial.

Three methods of easy communication for students

Kaintal School, one of the top ICSE schools in Patiala shares three easy ways students can communicate with each other and the teachers. Take a look at the easy methods –

  • Verbal communication

The most common type of communication is verbal communication. It includes the usage of words that are spoken to convey or share information. Moreover, one can also use their lips to display sign language to share what they want to. Verbal communication is achievable via two means – face-to-face and other mediums. These mediums include radio, video, and mobile phones.

Moreover, one can face formal or informal verbal communications in everyday life. For example, if you are talking to your parents at home, that is informal verbal communication. However, if you are speaking to your boss or clients, that is formal.

  • Visual communication

In essence, human beings are visual creatures. We tend to remember things that we can see. That is why we opt for watching TV or love seeing memes on Facebook. Visual communication involves the usage of visual elements to convey information. For instance, students use graphs, pictures, charts, etc., to share data.

However, visual communication is often used with written or verbal communication. One example is students giving a presentation. Here, you will come across flow charts and graphs. These indicate visual communication. It aids the students in explaining things in a simplified manner.

  • Written communication

Another popular type of communication that is prevalent is written communication. Most of our days are gone writing something or the other. Students write notes or solve problems via words. Others use Facebook to write posts and update them or send emails to bosses. Basically, written communication is the use of words on a paper or medium which is visible to others. Here, writing skills come to play a huge role.

In order to strengthen your writing skills, you need to have a good hold over grammar. Moreover, you must also double-check what you write to make sure that it makes sense.


These are the three easiest communication methods for students. Cultivating each of them is essential for social and emotional growth. For instance, if you need to give a presentation, you will need all the three communication skills listed above. At Kaintal School, the best ICSE School in Patiala adopt various strategies to help our students in growing their communication skills.

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