Art! A Different Way To See The World


Art has the power to make you see things differently and beautifully.

Students always have a creative bit inside them and it should never be oppressed by anyone. The same is with art the more you oppress it, it will come out stronger next time. Art gives you the freedom to think differently and lets you imagine things that might not be realistic but are possible to be realistic in the near future. We at Kaintal School, positioned among the best schools in Patiala, have always imbibed the fact that art should never be limited to “being just a hobby”.

Seeing things beautifully.

You as a parent might have a different perspective about a certain thing for eg: A blooming flower, but your child might see it through a different perspective and bring it out in his painting or drawing the way he/she has imagined and might stun you. Art has the power to make you see things beautifully.

Colors bring happiness.

Kids love colors and love to experiment with them now and then it gives them a sense of happiness while differentiating between multiple colors. It is a common saying that “The one who loves different colors is happy from within the soul”.

Best stress buster.

Fiddling with colors and creating something that has been there in the head helps relax your mind. It gives mental peace from the stress of studies, exams, marks and lets the students be themselves.

Improves memorizing power.

Something that is there in your head and bringing it out on a paper or a canvas takes a lot of effort. Remembering what was there in the head again and again and then creating the same or improvising is a sign that your child has a good memory.

Types of art that will bring happiness to you.

1) Painting: If you love colors and you think you have a knack for mixing colors you should try your hand at painting and bring out your creativity on canvas.

2) Sketching: If you like scribbling with a pencil and like things black and white you can try sketching and start sketching from real-life objects.

3) Calligraphy: If you think that you can write alphabets and words beautifully and innovatively and bring out a phrase or a sentence in a flourished way you can try your hands on calligraphy.

At one of the best ICSE schools in Patiala, we believe that art has always been an integral part of our lives and it broadens the horizons of a student and should be taken seriously.

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