Benefits of Extracurricular Activities for Children


The ever-increasing pressure of excelling in academics has undoubtedly made an impact on children.With the primary focus to score high grades, students are losing their energy and creativity. This has a negative impact on the growth of the children. Here, extracurricular activities come to play. Most schools nowadays are encouraging participation in different activities while challenging the traditional educational methods. At Kaintal School, one of the best Patiala ICSE schools, we offer different types of activities to our students.

Benefits of extracurricular activities

There are numerous advantages of extracurricular activities for children. These are –

  • Improves Critical Thinking

The development of crucial thinking skills is vital for the overall growth of children. They need to find suitable solutions to real-life problems instantly. That way, they can think on their own and handle matters. The ability to make quick but right decisions will help in the future.

  • Gives a Sense of Belonging

It is true that extracurricular activities aid in honing a wide range of social skills. With these activities, students get the opportunity to make new friends and interact with other classmates. This results in the creation of healthy bonding. Moreover, they also learn more about each other while valuing teamwork and respect.

  • Relieves Stress

Dealing with so much academic work is not an easy task. It is important for students to take a breather. Otherwise, they will burn out due to excessive stress. Moreover, boredom can also lead to a lack of concentration while studying. Participating in extracurricular activities will help them in taking a refreshing break.

  • Motivation for Exercising

Most extracurricular activities require physical strength. For instance, sports, dance, martial arts, etc., focus on strengthening the health of the student. As such, it leads to a healthy body and aids in dealing with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, etc. Moreover, this also leads to better sleeping and overall development.

  • Focuses on Leadership Skills

Extracurricular activities allow the students to exhibit their leadership skills. For instance, when teams are made, one student is made a leader. That enables the student to hone leadership skills. Moreover, it also gives them responsibility and allows them to fulfill it seriously. Here, educators can guide the students in enhancing the skill.

These are some benefits of extracurricular activities for children. Apart from giving them a breather, it also aids in the development of crucial life skills. That is why it is vital to encourage students to engage in different activities. We at Kaintal School, counted among the top ten schools in Patiala have added extracurricular activities in our school curriculum which helps our children to improve their ability in the right direction.

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