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Having a great memory is important for both kids and grown-ups as it makes learning and memorising things a lot easier. But, just like any other skill, a child is not born with a strong memory. Instead, it can be acquired by different means and practices. So, when it comes to the sharper memory of your child, there are several memory exercises that you should help your child to practice regularly.

Kaintal Senior, one of the best ICSE schools in Patiala, recommends some tips to help your child enrich their experiences and build essential life skills so that they can perform better in their personal and professional life.

Four Memory Exercises that You Can Try with Your Child:

  • Meditation: Meditation works great for all. Teaching your child to meditate from a very early age is an excellent way to boost their memory. It is an effective way to instil good habits in your child and also keep them calm and focused. Though practising meditation with a younger kid is a challenging task, still you can start with just 2-5 minutes and then increase the timing accordingly.
  • Exercise: Mental health largely depends upon the well-being of the body. Simply put, being physically fit and active helps the brain to stay sharp and healthy. This is the reason why you should develop the habit of exercising with your child from an earlier age and make it a part of their everyday schedule.
  • Colours: Using colours while teaching your child is an excellent way to ensure that the information will stay in the brain of your child for a longer time. Tactful use of colours is such an effective element that the brain filters very easily among the billions of pieces of sensory information. So, what you can do is highlight some important passages with different colours or use colourful notes in the textbooks can help your child memorise the specific information without much hassle.
  • Nutrition: Good diet is essential for the well-functioning of both the body and the brain. Without proper nutrition, it will be hard for your child to achieve good health and memory. Experts always suggest giving a wholesome diet to children. Foods that contain omega-3, antioxidants and flavonoids are highly recommended to include in your child’s diet to promote brain health.


Kaintal Senior, being one of the top ICSE schools in Patiala, always focuses on identifying ways to optimise the overall development of their students and assists them with proper skill development training.

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