Helping Your Kids Accept Academic & Personal Challenges


As children get older, they start experiencing several challenges in their academic as well as personal lives. And, not all the time, they find these challenges enjoyable. As parents, you need to have a keen eye on your children and offer them constant positive support as they face any challenge. It is essential to develop a sense of high self-esteem in your kids, enabling them to face and overcome the mental and physical obstacles; coming their way.

Children often judge themselves by how well they can cope with the given challenges in a specific event. Kaintal Senior, one of the leading ICSE Schools in Patiala, offers attention to the children’s responses concerning their personal and academic endeavors.

How to help your kids accept their Academic and Physical Challenges:

  • Be An Icon

Children learn how to solve the problem by watching their parents. So, ensure to show your kids the right ways of dealing with challenges and become their role model.

  • Develop Strong Values in them

As a parent, your responsibility is to instill values like self-confidence, motivation, diligence, faith, strength, problem-solving and critical thinking skills into your children.

  • Engaging them in Real-life scenarios

You can introduce real-life learning obstacles before your children and teach them how to deal with them using proper strategies. As a parent, you can involve your children in planning family outings, vacations, or small get-together parties.

  • Send Your Kids to School Everyday

To make them prepared for their academic challenges, your children must be present in school every day and know every little detail regarding their studies. As a responsible parent, you must take school attendance very seriously.

  • Attend Parent-Teacher Meetings in School

Kaintal Senior organises parents-teacher meeting at regular intervals to discuss children’s overall performances with their parents. You must attend the meetings to learn about your kid’s behaviour and actions in school that might not be evident at home.

  • Help in Studies

Another way is to help your child in their studies. You can guide them while they are solving their home works or give them tasks daily to boost their learning process. Being a parent, you must be involved in your children’s daily studies and other endeavors to understand them and strengthen them.

  • Teach them to Deal with Failures

Last but not least, teach your children to fight failures. Your child must not fall on their faces while experiencing a bad day; instead, they must have the willpower to stand up and give a head-to-head fight.

To conclude, 

Your children spend half of the day at Kaintal school; The best ICSE School in Patiala therefore, teachers can help you to recognise the challenges faced by your kid. But, as a parent, only you can help your child be strong and brave and accept any challenge with courage.

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