How to Bring About Great Personal Growth?


Most of us underestimate how potent our thoughts can be. Research has proven that our quality of thoughts can Most of us underestimate how potent our thoughts can be. Research has proven that our quality of thoughts can greatly influence our quality of life. As one of the best ICSE schools in Patiala, we have rounded up the four most valuable thinking habits that can help students reprogram their brains for tremendous personal growth.


In simple words, metacognition means thinking about our thinking. When we introspect and ‘think about our thoughts’ it allows us to uncover deep-set thinking patterns, underlying beliefs and conditioning that we receive from outside. We start understanding how our thoughts impact our emotions, behavior and actions. This helps us in reprogramming our brains by removing limiting thought patterns and replacing with them with positive, motivational and inspirational thoughts. Concentrate your thoughts on your true desire and visualize yourself achieving it with full conviction.

Always Be Open to Learning

Learning truly is a lifelong process and you must strive to engage yourself in continuous learning. It is only by learning that we realize how much we don’t know or how little we know. Moreover, it humbles us and leads to immense personal growth. Find new topics, areas of interest and skills to learn and hone. Keep alive the thirst for more knowledge. It will help us think more creatively, deepen our understanding, male us more tolerant and open-minded besides giving meaning to life.

Flexibility in Thinking

One of the biggest disservices we can do to ourselves and others is being judgmental. It constricts our compassion and empathy and makes us narrow-minded. Be open to different and diverse perspectives, opinions and ideas and try to understand from where they stem. Listen to understand, not to react and think independently based on your own logical capabilities. Form well-informed, unbiased and educated opinions. And then stick with those beliefs and opinions that align with your values and morals.

Imagination and a Sense of Wonder

Our creativity and imagination are the greatest gifts that we have been given. Put them to good use by practicing art, music, writing and speaking. Look at everything with a sense of natural awe and wonder. This helps us in keeping our curiosity alive and view everything in a fresh light, enabling us to appreciate all the wonderful little things about life and feeling inspired to lead life with meaning and purpose.

Our thoughts and belief patterns influence our perceptions and actions. In order to prevent them from steering our life in the wrong direction, Kaintal School, the finest ICSE School in Patiala, believes forming healthy thinking habits is the first step towards a successful l

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