How to overcome Shyness and Insecurity


Insecurity is fundamental to human behavior. Feeling nervous beyond a specific limit can become an obstacle in the path of growth in many ways. According to studies, shy children often fail to reach the teachers when they need assistance. Consequently, they never make their way out of their doubts, hindering the process of learning considerably.

Plenty of psychologists have suggested that if a child keeps them behind a veil of shyness all the time and refuses to permeate the same to reach out to the real world and the peers. Also, too much shyness can reduce the level of confidence in a child that might be another hurdle on their way to becoming a self-reliant, outspoken, and positive individual.

We at Kaintal School, placed among the best schools in Patiala, would like to share with you some of the ways to help your kids shake off their shyness and not let the same become an obstruction in their way of holistic development.

Help Your Kid

First things first! Even if you think your child is too shy and abandoning social interaction, do not express your anxiety or worry wildly. Handle your temper with wit and let the kid know that you understand their situation or challenges. Yelling, scolding, or screaming can only aggravate the problem instead of solving it. Hence, try to get close to the kids and comprehend their point of view to make them understand that the world is, after all, not the wrong place.

Don’t Let Them Sneak Away.

Shy kids often try to hide away from gatherings, friendly get-togethers, and people. They often make themselves scarce during the house parties or social gatherings held inside the house. Try not to allow your kids the scope to run away from the crowd and help them gel with the others. Introduce them to other kids of their age and keep them engaged in such gatherings so that they do not find a way out to hide in a corner, shying away from the people.

Nurture Positivity and Self Esteem

In most cases, researchers have found that shy children are often made to feel inferior, which has forced them to crawl into a shell for protection. Most shy kids have this social phobia anticipating a blow from the outside world that further diminishes their self-esteem. Hence, they prefer to avoid any interaction that might make them feel little. Let your kids know that no matter what the others say, their identity does not depend on the words of others. Teach them to stand for themselves and fight with confidence to defy the odds. Tell them inspiring stories of the people who have faced numerous humiliations from society but have left their mark on history by not giving up or succumbing to the circumstances.


At Kaintal School, one of the best ICSE schools in Patiala, we believe that the potential to defeat every obstacle in life lies within the soul of every child.

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