How To Use Flashcards For Better Studying?


One of the most common yet reliable study tools for students is flash cards. These promote better studying via active recall. It aids the brain in understanding what you are trying to remember efficiently. You can use flash cards to test yourself and identify the weak spots. At Kaintal School, the leading ICSE School in Patiala can aid in using flashcards

Tips for proper usage of flash cards

There are various ways you can use flash cards for better studying. However, you need to use them effectively for positive results. Over-using or making the cards more complicated doesn’t lead to the results you want.

Here are the tips. Take a look –

  • Make the flash card by yourself

Sharing flash cards with your friends is not a crime. Moreover, some students also prefer pre-made decks. However, if you are not in a time crunch, making your own flash card is a better idea. When you make the flash card, you intake the information. Besides, you use creative ways to write the data. This helps in recalling what you wrote down.

  • Use notes to learn key concepts

When there is a need to learn the exact definition, you need to use the textbook or notes. For that, take the flash card and write the name of the concept on one side. On the other side, explain the idea.

  • Opt for different colored flash cards

Choosing different colored flash cards is a good idea to remember various information easily. If that is not available, you can opt for different colored pens. The point is to help your brain differentiate the data.

  • Use pictures along with texts

It is true that mixing pictures along with words helps you remember the information better. Cognitive psychology explains the picture superiority effect. Here, it details how human beings tend to have a better remembering power for imagery than words. Try adding pictures and descriptive sentences to improve the recalling ability of the brain.

  • Write one fact for one flash card

Students often make this major mistake while using flash cards. Writing more than one answer or fact in a flash card will cause issues in recalling. It will lead to the illusion of competence, which occurs when the brain confuses recognition with recall. To make sure that there is no problem with getting correct answers, write one question for one card.

  • Say the answers loudly

If you prefer silence while studying, you need to re-work your strategy. In order to make sure that there is no illusion of competence, saying the answers out loud while learning with flash cards is an excellent idea. Now, you cannot change the answer when you flip the flash card.

These are tips that you can follow to use flash cards efficiently. Here, the goal is to make sure that you retain the information you are reading for examinations. At Kaintal School, one of the best ICSE schools in Patiala, we encourage students to make and use flash cards for studying.

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