Informal Learning and It’s Benefits


Informal learning is the education that is not bound to a formal learning environment. It is a practice of learning to teach ourselves. This type of learning is through daily life experiences like peer groups, family, media or any other influence in the learner’s surrounding. Often, informal learning involves learning things without realizing the learning process.

Kaintal School, one of the best ICSE school in Patiala gives you a deeper insight into the features of informal learning:

No Fixed Learning Environment

Informal learning does not set guidelines or formulas. It can be occurring anywhere and at anytime and through any medium such as surfing the internet, work or leisure activities.

Motivation of Learners

Informal learners are always motivated, more attentive and have an eagerness to learn the skill. They get a better understanding of the subject under discussion since they learn in a contextual environment and from experiences.

Spontaneous Learning

Informal learning is spontaneous as it happens anytime and anywhere. The learner is self-motivated and eager to gain knowledge about any specific topic or may get an impulse to get familiar with a new topic. From an instructor’s point of view, during informal learning, the instruction is conscious about the need to share the skill or knowledge with the learner in a particular context.

Unquantifiable Learning

The outcome of informal learning is difficult to quantify. It can’t be measurable or pre-designed to achieve a particular set of skills in a set time frame. There is no tracking or exams to gauge the skill set just like certifications or degree courses since it is not a tangible learning approach.

Lifelong Learning Process

Informal learning is a spontaneous and lifelong learning activity. We always learn from the people around us; in our early stage, we learn as a kid from our parents and as we grow older, we learn from peers, friends, or co-workers. Informal learning keeps individuals vibrant, interested, and mentally active in the world around.

Kaintal School, the top ICSE schools in Patiala believes it is important for a learner to make a transition from formal to informal as they should be set free to move around and search for the best sources to learn with keenness.

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