Nourishing a Culture of Inquisitiveness


Questioning is natural to human instinct, and the search for the truth has always kindled the progress of civilizations. We believe in examining rather than simply succeeding the previous reforms. With our technology-driven education classes, we, an educational institution placed among the finest ICSE school in Patiala believe when students are provided constant opportunities to grow and discuss complex questions, they are empowered with intelligence, curiosity, and intellectual courage. We can make our classrooms places that support students to keep asking issues, which are the basis of learning.
Designing a Spirit for Questioning


We aim to improvise questioning strategies that allow students to develop confidence in their ability to build significant questions and share their responses. We have also established classroom procedures for recognizing discussion to feel safe in bestowing their thinking with their peers.

Daily Inquest

Rendering regular opportunities for questioning builds morale in students’ understanding to create their questions. Meanwhile, the question breaks, students, can write down problems they have and can do so through oral or digital discussions with peers.


Inquiries are a source of continuous knowledge

Inquiries are the key to new insights that are translated into innovative imaginations that then help to drive the way to the prospect. With our maxim set to deliver holistic education leading to the best quality teaching, we have involved interactive sessions along with co-scholastic pursuits to bring out the unique soul hidden inside every child. Leaving behind the conventional way of thinking, a tender mind can take a leap into the pool of expertise and become innovative only if it is exposed to unconditional wisdom and freedom to ask. Through regular practice and possibilities to contribute essential questions in the classroom, all pupils begin to naturally and independently create questions about what they read, listen, and implement. As students learn to generate questions, they also discover that they have the potential to spur progress in their world.


We, at Kaintal School, being one of the best ICSE schools in Patiala, firmly believe that breaking through the convention is critically important to make a permanent impression and it can only be accomplished by letting the mind breathe behind the usual. We inspire our students to keep up their inquisitive spirit and always help them surmount all the constraints of the mind to become a free soul.

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