Open State Skating Championship


🏅🛹Kaintal School’s talented skaters make us proud! 🌟🎉 Congratulations to Prabhkirat Singh (Class- VIII C), Jashanjot Kaur (Class- VI) and Samrat Sawhney (Class-III) for their incredible performance at the Open State Skating Championship held in Mohali from 2nd to 5th November.

Prabhkirat won 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze in various categories, while Jashanjot bagged 1 silver in the 500m track. Samrat was unstoppable with his 3 gold medals in 500m road, 500m track, and 400m track. Their skates cut through the competition like a flash of lightning, leaving a trail of gold, silver and bronze in their wake. Keep carving your way to success, skaters! ⛸️


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