Practical Learning To Make Our Students Future Ready


Would you be able to envision an individual picking up swimming or driving inside four dividers? It’s unthinkable! You need to go on a street to master driving and get into the water for picking up swimming. A large portion of the subjects taught to children are expertise based and require pragmatic ideas, and must be learned through experiences and practical application.

A few decades ago, a note pad and a pen were sufficient to concentrate in a classroom, yet today students need significantly more to set themselves up to confront the external world! The current arrangement of schooling is more disposed towards theoretical information which isn’t sufficient, experiencing and learning things by doing is equally significant. At Kaintal School, one of the best ICSE Affiliated Schools in Patiala,we realise the significance of practical learning and make students participate in exercises which assist them with learning things practically.

Practical learning is a two-way collaboration where students are needed to participate in activities. Where theory prompts fundamental knowledge, practical learning is about the application of theoretical concepts and bookish knowledge to real life scenarios. Theoretical information prepares a solid base and one needs to balance the two of them for the best outcome.

When students learn things through experience, they will build up a functional methodology towards each circumstance as they will develop a hands-on understanding of the subject, and learn in a quicker way.

Each economy or culture has a different attitude towards training, and in light of globalization and competition, students should be ready to adopt to changes and new opportunities and this may be conceivable when they will have access to hands-on educational experiences apart from theoretical knowledge.

At Kaintal School, one of the top ICSE Schools in Patiala, we accept that learning through doing is the best path of progress for children. Hence, we organize different activities to impart the perfect balance of practical and theoretical education to help in students’ holistic development and growth.

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