Protect Your Mental Health and Wellness While Remote Learning


The entire nation is reeling under the weight of coronavirus again. In such situations, studying can become somewhat stressful, even remote learning. Being one of the top ICSE schools in Patiala, we value your mental health and are suggesting the following tips to stay calm and relaxed.

  1. Healthy Diet

Eating clean, healthy and organic foods is linked with better physical health, improved concentration, enhanced memory, and reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety and better overall cognitive function. So avoid binge-eating your favorite junk food and switch over to fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

  1. Enough Sleep

Inadequate amount of sleep makes you tired, exhausted and overwhelmed. It makes you lose focus and attention. This causes stress in the body as the body is unable to produce the right amounts of serotonin and dopamine to prevent depression and anxiety. So get at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily to preserve your mental health.

  1. Get more exercise

Regular exercise is just as important as a good diet and enough sleep. Individuals who get daily exercise are shown to have reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety, better mood and blood circulation. Just 30 minutes of any form of exercise every day is sufficient.

  1. Social support network

It is important for your emotional well-being that you are connected to your friends, family and other social connections. Our social network provides us the much needed emotional comfort and support needed to keep us afloat.

  1. Do Some Hobby

Your hobbies provide you a chance to take a break from the monotony of everyday life and engage in something you like. Hobbies make you feel light, refreshed, happy and creatively satisfied, giving you a much-needed respite.

  1. Practice gratitude

Whenever you start feeling overwhelmed or anxious, pick out a journal and write down all the things that you every week, are grateful for. It could be something minor or something really big, doesn’t matter. Try to include new things every week. Research has shown it leads to more happiness and reduced rates of depression, stress and anxiety.

These are no doubt trying times for everyone. Kaintal School, the best ICSE school in Patiala, values the mental and physical well-being of its students and hopes they are all staying safe and healthy.

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