Punjabi Declamation


The school organized a Punjabi Declamation Competition where students of grade 9 to 12 had the opportunity to display their talents and discover a new side. It was aimed to develop communication skills and promote critical thinking among the students. This competition also served as a platform to encourage an exchange of ideas among the students. The purpose of the competition was to acquaint students with the power of masterfully crafted language.

Here are the incredible achievers of the competition:
Gurleen Kaur from class IX stood 1st, Yashleen Kaur from class IX stood 2nd and Sania from class X stood 3rd.

Husanpreet Kaur from class XII stood 1st, Prabhleen Kaur from class XI stood 2nd and Ankita from class XII stood 3rd.

The meticulous speech of the orators left everyone spellbound as they were very expressive, confident and had good intonation.

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