Raising Kids That Are Inclusive of Others


We live in a world where people are being more inclusive of others in order to create a more compassionate, understanding place for everyone. So how do you help your child become more inclusive? The leading ICSE school in Patiala shares some tips.

Encourage and Accept Individuality

It’s not only important to respect your own individuality but that of others as well. Children should be taught to respect other people’s uniqueness, individual personalities, habits, preferences, beliefs, looks and interests. We all matter in this world and bring something special and useful to the table. When this is understood, kids will be more accepting and inclusive of others.

There Should be No “In-Crowd”

Make your kids understand that the concept of the in-crowd is flawed and superficial. It doesn’t bring any real value. Also, the in-crowd may not be the best crowd. It’s more meaningful and fulfilling to focus on values of kindness, empathy, mutual respect and co-operation. Don’t invest too much in latest gadgets as this promotes materialism in kids and don’t attach acceptance to it.

Be More Friendly and Approachable

It is important for kids to reach out to others and initiate conversations. They should make other children in the class feel heard and values because everyone want to feel they matter. Motivate them to be friendly with new or reserved kids in the class. Ask them to recognize one good thing about a child they find annoying. This will teach them there’s good in everyone.

Empower Your Child

In the pursuit of being inclusive, your child should not feel left out by others. It is as important for your kid to feel valued, seen, heard, loved and appreciated by others. If the other child doesn’t reciprocate the same and is being emotionally or even physically belligerent towards your kid, then he doesn’t have to put up with that. It is acceptable to establish healthy boundaries even among children.

No one feels good to be left out. Building a spirit of inclusivity, both in the children and in their learning environment is something that we take seriously at one of the top ICSE schools in Patiala.

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