Sports Competitions


🏅 We are delighted to share the remarkable achievements of Rohana, who clinched a fantastic 🥇 Gold medal in the challenging game of Archery🏹 at the prestigious European Traditional Open tournament held in Germany.

Continuing the winning streak, Rohana also emerged victorious in the 2nd Indo-Thai tournament, securing another remarkable 🥇 Gold medal, this time in the game of Crossbow. This accomplishment reflects Rohana’s adaptability and excellence in different sports disciplines.

Furthermore, at the district-level Khedan vattan Punjab diyan tournament, Rohana showcased tremendous talent by winning a 🥉 bronze medal in Shooting.

We are immensely proud of Rohana’s achievements and the recognition earned on both national and international platforms. Congratulations, Rohana, on your outstanding achievements🌟Keep reaching for the stars and continue to make us proud!


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