State Level Abacus Competition


Congratulations to our talented students for their outstanding accomplishments at the State Level Abacus Competition in Ludhiana!
Mehreen has claimed the Champion Trophy, showcasing her exceptional skills in mental arithmetic and critical thinking.
Panthraj Singh has secured the Championship Trophy as well, displaying his outstanding mathematical prowess.
Amiteshwardeep Singh,Yuvaan Kataria and Brahmneet Kaur have earned the Silver Medals, a testament to their dedications and talent in the 149th Punjab State Level Abacus Competition.
Lian Pusha, Angadjot Singh, Shourya, Harjaap, Naisha, Parushi, Kanishka Goyal and Sahajdeep Singh have dazzled us with their remarkable performances, earning Gold Medals and Champion Trophies, and declared as Regional Toppers in their respective competitions.
We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our students and express sincere gratitude to Braino Brain Academy 2023 for organising such a prestigious event.
These achievements at the Brainobrain Punjab Abacus Competitions inspire us to continue nurturing and cultivating excellence in our students. We celebrate their brilliance as they make their mark in the world of mental mathematics.


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