Teenage Psychology and Helping them Cope with Stress


As a child gets older, it is obvious that his/her sources of stress will expand. So, teens are more likely to be stressed than young children through the events inside or outside the home. A recent study shows that stress is extremely common among teenagers that they show up in several ways.

As a parent, you need to understand these signs. Kaintal Senior, one of the Best ICSE Schools in Patiala always give importance to the age-wise behavior of the students and tries to help them cope with their difficulties.

Top Signs of Stress in Teenagers:

Teenagers show different signs of stress as discussed below:

  • Irritability & Anger: Children especially teens do not always have the words to describe how they feel and express the tension that bubbles over into a bad mood. As a result, they become short-tempered or argumentative. As a parent, you can help them deal with this situation by allowing them to accept their negative emotions like anger and irritability.
  • Changes in Behavior: Your child who used to be a great listener, suddenly acting out is a clear sign of stress. Again, a once-active teen now does not want to leave the house can be also a sign that he/she is facing a high level of stress. Talking frankly with your child can help teens put things in perspective and find a solution.
  • Trouble Sleeping: If a child who has entered the teenage phase recently, seems to be always sleepy or tired, more than usual, it is a clear sign of crucial psychological insomnia that he/she might be going through. As a parent, you must make sure they sleep a minimum of nine to twelve hours a day.
  • Neglecting Responsibilities: If your adolescent child suddenly drops all the enthusiasm for regular work like neglecting homework, forgetting obligations, or starting procrastination more than usual, then stress might be a clear factor. So, trying to do what brings them joy, can be an effective remedy for your child.
  • Change in Eating Habit: Too much eating or too late eating are both clear reactions to stress. Here you can involve them in physical activities. It is considered an essential stress reliever for children of all ages. A recent study shows that at least 60 minutes a day of activity for children ages 6 to 17 can be very beneficial.

The Bottom Line:

Kaintal Senior School, being the top ICSE School in Patiala, always helps its students manage stress effectively and establish positive mental health habits. Mental health is a rising concern, especially among teenagers which if neglected can lead to severe mental problems.

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