The Correct Way to Measure Your Child’s Progress When Learning Online


Virtual classes have become the new norm yet it’ll take some time before children, parents and teachers adjust successfully to it.  As the leading ICSE school in Patiala, here are some effective ways to know whether your child is learning well when studying at home.

Talk it Out With Them

Even better, request that they converse with you! Perhaps, at dinnertime with other relatives you can ask your kid what they learned in their online class.

Ask them to share just one thing; however that one thing will probably branch off into a bigger discussion. Requesting that your youngster disclose what they’ve learned to somebody other than their teacher is a decent way to check whether they’ve held any data.

Assign Them Some Project

Rather than doling out tests, you can give your kids projects. Give them a formula and educate them to significantly increase it by duplicating fixing sums (some of which can be portions!). Request that they plan a straightforward plan to play out some essential household chore or task.

Progress Matters More Than Percentages

Don’t be misled by marks and percentages. Instead focus on how much progress your child is making. Just because your child is answering only 60% of the questions correctly, doesn’t mean he hasn’t grasped the concepts properly. He may have done 40% of the questions right a week ago but now has moved on to 60%. That’s real improvement. However, if he remains stuck at 60% then you need to investigate why.

Observe Their Learning Process

Observe the little details like what is the reaction of your child when he can ‘t find the answer of solution to a problem, how much time he takes to solve questions, what kind of questions take more time from him, does he ask for or need any help, are there any topics that interest him more than others. When children are actively involved in their education and learning, it becomes more fun and fruitful.

Being one of the finest ICSE Affiliated schools in Patiala, we advise parents to step back instead of stepping in. What does this mean? Give them some space to learn and figure out problems on their own instead of letting them become too dependent upon you.

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