The Role of Emotions in Learning


Emotions are a very important driving force for any person. They can be further elaborated into feelings, impulses one might have or how people react and adjust to different situations. Kaintal School, one of the best ICSE school in Patiala would like to highlight that emotions can play a very substantial role in the learning process for children and how to inculcate them positively in a child’s life:


To Induce Motivation

The emotion of feeling confident in one’s own skin can do wonders for a person. When a child is given achievable tasks they inculcate in themselves a sense of competence which subsequently motivates them to push further and succeed.


Making Use of All Senses

For the most part, children spend their time in confined classroom walls and closed spaces. Opening up their horizons with the help of visuals, pictures and music can spark new experiences and emotions for them.


Subjective Treatment

Each child has different reactions and responses to different situations. It is important to cater them accordingly, and keeping in mind their weaknesses and fears so they learn in a way that comforts then rather than overwhelm.


Ignite Curiosity

When children enjoy the process of learning and are filled with positive and constructive emotions they thrive with curiosity. It creates a hunger for them to embark on their own journeys to learn and develop. So, creating a favourable environment that ensures emotions that support their progress is paramount.


Emotion makes for a very crucial part of modern education. It’s an essential element in the learning process of life. Additionally, it also depicts how effective and conditioned the learning has been. Counted among top ICSE schools in Patiala, teachers and the staff at Kaintal School is dedicated to making sure the students learn in the best way possible.

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