The Top 5 Studying Strategies for Slow Learners


Not all students learn at the same pace or show passion for the same subjects. Teachers, parents, and elders need to understand and accept that there are various types of students. Kaintal School, ICSE school in Patiala says some may excel in memorizing, while others may have a fascination with the arts. Slow learners are simply students that understand concepts and educational topics at a slow rate when compared with others. This, in no way, makes them inadequate or incompetent compared to others. It just means that they need some extra attention and have to make some conscious efforts to get rid of the obstacles ahead.

Top five studying strategies for slow learners

There are numerous studying strategies that slow learners can adopt. With these tips, you can excel academically with ease. Take a look at these strategies listed here –

  1. Visual and audio materials

One of the best ways that slow learners can get the gist of concepts better is through audio and visual study materials. Instead of reading textbooks, try to use your hearing and seeing senses to understand the topics. That way, you can have a better understanding of what is being taught. For abstract ideas, use concrete visual forms to grasp the concept.

  1. Ensure that the learning is fun

Do you feel bored studying in a closed space? Try going to a park or an open space to study. If you can make the learning experience fun and cheerful, you won’t have to feel terrified about the prospect of studying. Instead of dark, closed spaces, choose spaces with greenery and sunlight. Moreover, this will help you to retain information with ease.

  1. Opt for short breaks

It is true that procrastination is the deadliest evil. Postponing your study session will likely transform to never touching that topic again. However, you do need short breaks after every intense study session. During this time, eat some healthy snacks and recharge yourself. You need to gain back the mental energies to retrieve the studying mode with ease.

  1. Highlight and underline

If you are having difficulty recalling a particular section, underline and highlight it. That will help your brain to memorize the part and recall the information. Do you find it hard to remember names and dates? In that case, use a unique strategy of assigning songs or rhymes to the dates. Choose something that you are unlikely to forget.

  1. Oral expression

It is understandable that written assignments seem like a terror for slow learners. That is because you already feel that you won’t meet the standards of others. Instead, allow these students to express themselves orally. You need to record a taped response for your homework. That way, you won’t have to deal with the fear of making grammatical and spelling mistakes.

These are the best studying strategies that slow learners can follow to attain academic success. One of the best ICSE schools in Patiala shares that though you are not responsible for this condition, you will have to bear the burden and overcome the obstacle. With enough courage and patience, you can achieve great success too!

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