Tips to Help Your Child Become More Focused at School


Do you think that your child has trouble staying focused at school? Yes, there are several reasons children struggle to focus in school ranging from lack of comprehension to organization issues. But it is not a problem only with your child, it is common for students in all grades to face such problems. They usually struggle to pay attention in class, complete their classwork and follow the instructions carefully. It affects their academic performance and can throw them off track.

But fortunately, ways are helping your child to do better in school as recommended by Kaintal Senior, one of the best ICSE schools in Patiala. We will help your child improve his/her concentration level. Read the blog carefully, follow the tips and start helping your child do better at school.

Effective Tips to Help Your Child Become More Focused at School:

  • Sit at the Front of the Classroom: It is obvious that a classroom is a place full of distractions. Only looking at others in the classroom can distract a child. So, always encourage your child to seat at the front of the classroom so that he/she can keep focusing on what the teacher is saying.
  • Teach Your Child How to Deal with Distractions: A short break is an effective way to make children refocus on their studies. But when it comes to classroom distraction, there is no option to take a short break. Tell your child to close their eyes and take a few deep breaths when they face trouble focusing in the classroom.
  • Tell Your Child to Sit Farther Away from Distractions: It is important to find out the main reasons for your child’s distractions in the classroom. Ask your child what makes them more distracted whether it is because of his/her chatty friend, or simply sitting beside a window or something else. Once you find out the reason, make a plan for your child to overcome them.
  • Talk to the Teachers: It is important to meet the teachers and ask them about your child’s activities in the classroom. Only the teachers can help you give the exact information about it. You can also consult with the teachers regarding the solution.


With these effective tips, you can help your child improve his/her concentration level and get on the track to success. Kaintal Senior, the top ICSE school in Patiala always focuses on the child’s activities in the classroom and also informs the parents if necessary to craft the best solution.

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