Using Technology Wisely


When the kids grow up and reach adolescence, it becomes a little hard for parents to understand them. They reach a stage where they have short temper and get irritated easily. They also start feeling a generation gap.

In this new tech-savvy era, you might not be much aware of technology but your kids surely are. Children these days know everything about social media, websites, gadgets, online games, and whatnot.

Although technology has made our life easy but the internet is full of distractions.

Being the leading ICSE school in Patiala we have some ways to make your children use technology wisely.

Make some restrictions:

Good sleep is necessary for a healthy body and a good mind. So make sure that your child is not using his/her smartphone much during the night. Decide a time after which are mobiles need to be shut down.

Have some Family time:

If you and your child are both sitting in a room but your heads are down looking at the mobile screen then it may create a serious distance between the relationship of you two.

So it’s better to talk to them when they are around so they won’t go to their phone searching for online people they want to talk to.

Giving a safe environment :

From the beginning set up filtering software on every device, you have in your home, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, or personal computers.

Correct them wisely:

Teenagers make a number of mistakes during adolescence. This includes how they use the internet as well. For example, posting unnecessary stuff on social media or giving private information to online strangers.

So you must correct them when they are doing something wrong but politely and wisely.

Instead of shouting at your children and punishing, they try to listen to them first then make them understand what’s not good for them.

In order to connect more with your child. Ask them about new tech in the market. Which game do they like the most? How to use a certain app on your phone so they feel good around you and won’t hide things when they made a mistake.

As one of the top ICSE schools in Patiala, we advise parents to keep an eye your child’s behavior and put a limit on the use of technology.

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